Wildcat Mountain Outfitters Inc.

Wildcat Mountain Ranch

Wildcat Mountain Ranch stewards what is probably the largest population of wild Bobwhite and Blue Quail per acre in Coke County. Quail must have a year round adequate supply of food and reasonable protection from the hazards to his kind of living. As a result of our continued management plan that includes grubbing and seeding, we have reestablished native grasses, food sources and brush shelters that create cover for our birds. We do not over hunt our birds, and prefer to only take a few birds out of each covey rise. Wildcat Mountain Ranch has an ongoing partnership with Dale Rollins and the Rolling Plains Quail Research Ranch. Wildcat Mountain has hosted the RPQRR'S annual Quail Appreciation Day, and our ranch is used as a research and demonstration facility to foster our understanding and management of bobwhite and blue quail in West Texas. Quail are a focus of all we do here on the Ranch. Whether it’s our prescribed burning, grazing management or our fondness for certain “weeds”—everything here points to quail, so we have quail!

“Wildcat Mountain Ranch has cooperated with my students in four quail research projects since 2003. It is consistently in the top quartile of ranches with bobwhites across some 35 sites we’ve worked on during that time. And it’s one of the few places that has sustained its blue quail during that time. Hollis has a good eye for “brush sculpting” and how grazing and brush management can complement quail habitat.” Hollis is a gracious host and Wildcat Mountain Ranch is a favorite among our grad students—because he caters to them so well!"


                                 - Dale Rollins, PH.D.


Quail Hunting